How to learn English faster: 6 tips - ODnews English

    How to learn English faster: 6 tips - ODnews English

    How to learn English faster 6 tips - ODnews English
    How to learn English faster 6 tips - ODnews English

    English is fun to learn; although, some people consider it relatively easy, with its 750,000 words and spelling that can baffle even the most talented students. Hence, learning English quickly can sometimes seem impossible. As a matter of fact, I'm here to prove that it isn’t, when you adopt the right strategies. 

    Only you have to do is to follow these 6 tips on how to learn English faster, and you will master this wonderful language in no time.

     1. Read everything that comes to hand

     Read classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, e-mails, social media feeds, if they are written in English. Why? Well, these contents will abound you with new and exciting vocabulary items. Being introduced to a known term will illustrate other examples in new contexts; reinforcing those words in your mind. On the other hand, learning new phrases and words is essential to building your terminology bank; especially, in a rich language like English that includes so much vocabulary.

     2. Note actively new vocabulary words 

    It seems to be useless advice; yet, it is effective. Sometimes, during our learning, we appreciate a new expression so much, that it is unlikely possible to forget. However, believe us, we do not remember every word for the first time. To fix this, get in the habit of bringing a super laptop or use a tool like Evernote. Thus, every time you hear or read a word or phrase, be sure to write it down in the context; that is, write the entire sentence and make it clear. This saves time, without having to re-examine this term and ask you: "what does this word (this expression) mean already?"

     3. communicate with authentic native speakers

     What is the use of a language, if not to communicate? For sure, humans have become experts in communicating without opening their mouths, thanks to social media. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that speaking a language makes it possible to memorize it much better than reading or writing it. You only have to remember the number of times you have heard around you "I understand English, but I cannot speak it.” For many people who dream of mastering English, language has become an enormous insurmountable barrier that serves only to diminish their egos. Do not imitate them. Search for native speakers to increase informal language exchanges, in real life situations; and, sign up for a class or take lessons online. 

    4. Subscribe to podcasts or YouTube channels

    Do you like humor, politics, blogs, cooking? For such themes, there are so many podcasts or English Youtube channels. Subscribe to some of them and listen or watch them in your car or on the way to school or work, on public transport, of course. As a matter of fact, you may find different local accents that are difficult to grasp, but never give up and you will soon begin to understand what you hear. 

    5. Going abroad 

    If there is a better way to learn English than to be totally immersed in living and studying in an English-speaking country, we would like to know about it. It's no secret that English is a lingua-franca; i.e. the most spoken language in the world. Once you are faced with such an impressive list of English- speaking countries, you'll be confused in selecting your ideal learning environment, depending on the hemisphere, the weather, or your favorite city. Think of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and South Africa to name a few.

     6. Have recourse to friends 

    Do you have friends who publish online in English? Do not hide their posts in your RSS feed: browse the messages they share and commit to exploring one or two per day. These may include news releases or magazine articles, videos, conversations, blogs, songs, or any type of topic: as long as they are written in English and the topic you cover Interested, it will serve you!