Constipation in children and methods of prevention

    Constipation in children and methods of prevention

    • Causes of constipation in children 
    The causes of constipation are many and multiple, most of which are due to the child's diet, but for infants it is due to the quality of milk :
    The quality of artificial milk for infants is not suitable for them and is often difficult to digest for infants .
    Decrease the amount of fluids your child drinks, which leads to stiff stools and causes constipation .
    The causes of constipation are very rare and are congenital malformations or diseases of the digestive tract and may also be the problem in the way the body absorbs food which is called (metabolic disorder) .
    Some of the side effects of some medications are constipation, so pay attention to the medications you give your child
    Your child may be allergic to certain foods that cause them to be affected .
    Fear or anxiety and tension, and there are also cases of constipation resulting from the child's fear of the perseverance of the bath in the first stages of his habitability to spend his need self-reliant .

    • Treatment of constipation in children 
    If your child is constipated, we recommend that you check with your doctor to reveal it before you give it any medicine or any herbs, which may pose a risk to your child's health, we will remind you of some of the ways and means of home recommended by physicians as a first step in order to treat constipation in children :

    A ) The first you can do in case of constipation in infants, is to move their legs in a circular way as if they are riding a Bicycles

    B ) If your child is able to eat and drink, you must take it from liquids, and it is also useful to add fiber to the gallium. There are many fruits rich in fibre such as apples, grapes, strawberries, plums, red berries .

    C ) If your baby is drinking artificial milk, you should respect the recommended amount of milk and water and do not put more milk, because dalic may cause dehydration and reduce constipation, and your child should be given doses of water between each lactation and lactation .

    D ) In the case of chronic constipation, the home remedies will not work for your son. You should check with your doctor, and in most cases the doctor will give you some laxatives or synthetic fibers .