How will the world after 100 years?

    Forecast for such a long period is difficult, because the technology is developing too quickly. But let's try.
    • 1_Independent cities will appear 
    It is still difficult to describe Tesla's experience with autopilots as successful - it has two fatal accidents at its expense. However, the project proved that in the idea of self-transfer there was nothing impossible. By 2118, all cars will be able to carry their passengers without the help of others. The same applies to other cars.

    • 2_An impressive progress is expected in medicine 

    People of 2118 can only be envied. By that time, most likely, the cancer will be defeated - scientists will be able to fight the disease, based on the individual genetic data of the patient. A breakthrough in genetics (in particular, CRISPR technology) will help cure hereditary diseases, and reproductive medicine will move so far that infertility can be forgotten. Diagnosis will also improve: a system has already been invented that can detect cancer at early stages without analysis.
    • 3_It will be hot on our planet 
    Now about bad news - global warming. The ice of Greenland will melt by 2050, the level of the world's ocean will rise by almost a meter (which will leave 4 million people without housing), cataclysms will be more frequent and more dangerous. All this awaits our descendants, unless we take a decisive peace to protect the world comfortable for mankind. So far, the main treaty on global warming is the Paris Agreement.

    • 4_3D printers will print everything in the world 
    However, they are already doing it. Machines, houses, food and even living organs - all this can now be printed on the printer. The only problem - this miracle device is now very expensive. But there are already models that can print their own details, so that the future, in which everyone has an all-powerful printer, is just around the corner.

    Technology double-edged sword

    We must be cautious when using it.