What is proper nutrition?

    Proper nutrition is a balanced diet, where necessary for the health of the body nutrients have Almthely. If you do not fit your diet all the nutrients your body needs, it reduces the body's ability to resist disease.

    1 What is the food?

    Some carbohydrates

    Fatty acids (contained in fat)

    Unrefundable amino acids (contained in proteins)

    Fifteen vitamins

    About twenty-five of the metals


    Since the human body can not produce all the substances on its own, we must receive it from food. The human must consume daily for the following types of food:

    6-11 servings of cereals and cereals

    3-5 servings of vegetables

    2-4 servings of fruit

    2-3 servings of dairy products

    2-3 servings of meat, fish, eggs, pulses or nuts

    2_ Why should eat healthy food

    Consumption of insufficient amounts of food can lead to disease development and immune impairment. High dietary intake of carbohydrates, sugars and starch contributes directly to human disease. Over time, these acids can lead to the complete destruction of a person's immunity.

    If you can not give up foods rich in sugar and starch, try to be addressed during the main meal, not a snack, - this is more food contributes to the formation of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and others.