How To Have a nice size ( No Diet Anymore ) 2019

    How To Have a nice size ( No Diet Anymore ) 2019

    How To Have a nice size ( No Diet Anymore ) 2019
    How To Have a nice size ( No Diet Anymore ) 2019

    Many people suffer from the problem of obesity, they are always trying to find solutions but without results.  Some of them take a diet that can cause a lot of side effects. Others take herbs which is some plants used to make medicines……This article will be about some advices to lose weight permanently without being afraid.

    First, to lose weight there is two conditions: change your eating habits and increase your physical activities.If you do not practice any physical exercises, NO PROBLEM! You do not necessarily have to do sports, a daily walk or a little swimming every week is enough, and can help you a lot.

    Warning! If you need to lose five pounds or more, consult a doctor or dietician because you need regular follow up.

    The basic rules for losing weight:

    Good eating habits keep the body functioning properly and maintaining a stable normal weight. Also, a healthy and balanced alimentation contributes to the prevention of certain diseases. Good eating habits are based on simple and common sense notion: balance, variety and moderation. To reach your weight follow some rules:

    • DO NOT SKIP MEALS, especially the breakfast which must remain copious. Have a light meal in the evening.
    •  DO NOT EAT ANYTHING EXCEPT MEALS, if you are hungry between meals, drink water, coffee or tea without sugar. Drink also water before the meal and in the middle of the meal.
    • EAT STARCHY FOOD AT EACH MEAL: pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. They provide the sense of satiety and the energy you need as well as fiber. But without adding any sauces, butter, cheese, etc.
    •  REMOVE ALCOHOL AND BEER; you can continue to drink wine, preferably red, limiting yourself to one drink a day.
    •   CHOOSE LEAN MEATS; avoid all meats in sauce, oily meats….
    •   EAT VEGETABLES in all their forms: raw, cooked, in soup,…
    •   EAT TWO FRUITS A DAY but no more.

    How to lose weight permanently?

    • To lose weight you have to rely on some solid principles:
    • Give yourself time, at least a month to lose 2 or 3 pounds;
    • Prevent cravings and fatigue
    • Stick to the rules set at the start
    • Avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies
    • Do not use drugs or special diet food
    • Keep a maximum of pleasure to eat

    The first week is often difficult but the first pound lost is encouraging! However small differences are allowed provided that they are exceptional. It’s up to you to find a balance without falling into the obsession with food and frustration.