The Best Tips Against Static Electricity in Your Hair

    The Best Tips Against Static Electricity in Your Hair

    The Best Tips Against Static Electricity in Your Hair
    The Best Tips Against Static Electricity in Your Hair

    Which says drop of temperatures, says return inevitable of the electric hair. To minimize this phenomenon, Matthieu Seguier, hairdresser and founder of SALON SEGUIER in Paris, gives us his tips.

    First, you should know what electrical hair means. This rather unpleasant phenomenon occurs when the lengths come together with a scarf, a sweater or a brush. Very often, we realize that “the hair is put either to steal, or to stick to the face” explains Matthieu's. The hair then becomes electric, since their electrical charges are opposite to that of the objects. To cut it short, if the climate is dry, the fiber absorbs moisture. As a result, the hair dries out and your hair is bristling.
    The best tips to get rid of electric hair:

    Silicone is a good way to get rid of this phenomenon: "the silicone surrounds the hair like a barrier, it allows it to not become electric," said Matthieu Seguier. It is also present in shampoos as well as in masks and after-shampoos (in Kérastase shampoos for example).


    Always in this dodge of hot / cold, we do not touch our lengths when we have dry hands: "When the hands are attacked by the cold, it is better to apply a cream in advance before touching the hair" advises the hairdresser.


    "The heat accentuates this difference between the hot and the cold”. If it is complicated to go out without one and / or the other, Matthieu Séguier advises to apply a cream after-brushing to both moisturize the hair, but also put the odds on his side to avoid static electricity.

    • WATER

    We put water on her hair when they bristle. Yes, the water comes to break the phenomenon and allows your strands to come back down to earth! Be careful though if you used plates beforehand, so say goodbye blow dry.


    Several objects allow the hair to stay in place. If the boar hair brush is known in this field, "by experience, I have not seen a big difference," admits Matthieu Seguier. on the net, combs and anti-static brushes are available, made of carbon fiber that keeps this kind of physical reaction.


    If you can not part with his cap when the temperatures are around 0 degrees, we opt for a square of silk below his cap: "That's what our grandmothers did, not only does it protect the hair, but it also avoids the static phenomenon ". a material to use without moderation, either underneath his helmet, in a sling or on his pillow.