Travel To Mykonos | Cyclades, Greece 2019

    Travel To Mykonos | Cyclades, Greece 2019

    Travel To Mykonos  Greece 2019
    Travel To Mykonos  Greece 2019

    Geography and climate

    Mykonos, known as “the island of the winds” is part of the Cyclades, 93 nm east of Piraeus. Mykonos is very popular among Greek young people due to its nightlife. It is also famous worldwide as a gay-friendly destination. Tourism is the island’s primary industry. Mykonos has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. July and August are usually the hottest months. Mykonos has 300 days of sunshine a year.
     Brief history

     Mykonos is mentioned by Herodotus. Nearby, the island of Delos played a significant role in ancient Greek history, but Mykonos was an impoverished island. The island was ruled by the Romans and the Byzantine Empire until 1204. After the Crusades, Mykonos -like all the Cyclades islands- was governed by Andrea Ghisi who was relative of the Doge of Venice. The Venetians constructed the town’s castle, as well as the windmills.  The Catalans passed from the island for some years too, but it was the Venetians ruling the island until 1537 when the Ottomans attacked the island, which became a trading port. Mykonos played a significant role in the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire with ships and their crews and many canons.   The end of the Revolution found Mykonos’ economy ruined, but the locals managed to develop commercial activities, mainly a textile industry. During the 1930s the island became famous primarily due to the archaeological excavations in the neighboring island of Delos and started to develop its tourist industry until today, after being interrupted by WWII.

    Pros and Cons of Mykonos :

    Mykonos is one of the most famous islands in Europe. Here is a quick review of what to expect at Mykonos:


    - Great Mood/Energy  
    - Fantastic Hotels if you can afford them  
    - The best service you can get on any Greek  island. You get what you pay for. 
    - Gorgeous beaches. White sand, clear waters.  -  -- Great parties taking place  
    - Tolerance to diversity, to gay people and to whatever craziness you want to do.  
    - Lovely village, the main chora. 


    -  Very expensive 
    -  No hiking or other activities. You don’t go for scuba diving e.g. in Mykonos. If you are into sports, you should not go to Mykonos. 
    -  Safety on the roads, especially if you rent a buggy car.