What Women Really Want From Men ?

    What Women Really Want From Men ?

    What Women Really Want From Men
    What Women Really Want From Men ?

    The age-old question that has been asked by men all over the world is this: 

    What is it that women want from us?

     To be honest with you, the answers are endless. Because there are billions of women in the world they all may want different things, a lot of different things in fact. However, when it all boils down to it, a man is simply a man and a woman is simply a woman. Being the human creatures that we are, there are certain things that both men and women want that, for the most part, are non-negotiable. 
    These are the built-in needs that arise from both our primal desires and our human nature. Therefore, it’s important to frame the question of “what women want?” based on a woman’s primal desires and needs. Why? Well, it’s simply because the answer will always be the same, for EVERY woman. Basing our query on human nature and instinct will bring about a bit more consistency in figuring out exactly what it is that a quality woman wants from and in a man. So to simplify things a bit, the question that men should ask is this:

     What things do women want from men that can be considered non-negotiable, universal, and primal? 

    Now that we have the RIGHT question, let me give you the RIGHT answer:

     The main thing that a woman wants from a man is the experience of feeling like a woman. She wants to lose herself in her femininity, and the only way she can feel this feminine experience is when a man acts like…a man.

     There you have it. Hopefully, I just saved you from years and years of confusion and worry.

     And if I did…you’re welcome.

     But seriously, women are feminine creatures by nature and instinctively desire to be treated as such, no matter what society may say. It’s the natural order of things, and so the more feminine a woman feels around a man, the more comfortable, secure, and desirable she will feel. It is this experience of feeling like a creature of feminine beauty that women of today are yearning for from men.

     Heard that? 

    The woman of your dreams is yearning for the kind of man that can make her feel like a woman. And she has no choice but to respond to the man that can trigger this feeling within her.

     Ah, nature is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

     This means that by developing the kind of masculine qualities of character that a woman is HARD-WIRED to RESPOND to, you’ll NATURALLY make yourself absolutely irresistible and irreplaceable to her.