10 Fun & Easy Tips to learn English faster

    10 Fun & Easy Tips to learn English faster 

    10 Fun & Easy Tips to learn English faster

    Are you interested in learning English? Would you like to practise English on a regular basis and need some recommendations? For you, we asked these questions to British Council teachers in England. 

    They have the pleasure to provide you with simple tips that you can do every day to practise English. 

    Discover the top ten tips from our teachers:

     First, find an English radio or TV channel; listen or watch for about fifteen minutes. You will understand each day a little more and you will get used to the sounds of the language. 

     Second, read an article on the internet; such as a newspaper, article or magazine. Do not worry if you do not understand everything in the first time, because the more you read, the more you will understand. 

     Third, put your Facebook account, games, phone, television or all the technologies you use, in English. It is a very good and functional way to immerse yourself in the language. 

     Fourth, have a short conversation with someone who speaks English, on a daily basis.

     Fifth, assign a phrasebook and learn five sentences per day. You will be surprised by the amount of vocabulary you will remember day after day. 

     Sixth, watch regularly a series or movie with English subtitles. Also, subscribe to an English magazine. 

     Moreover, befriend English-speaking people; you will be able to practise the language in a native-speaking context. What is more, do not be afraid to my mistakes, it makes you feel more comfortable “making mistakes is a healthy sign.” 

     Last but not least, sign up for a British Coun Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Fin theme that interests you and takes advantage of free English courses online.