Dealing with nutrition, snacks are widely consumed by so many people. It is mistakenly believed by some people that a snack is a bad an unhealthy choice; yet, it is not the case. On the contrary, a snack can be healthy if you know how to choose it. You need a healthy snack for work, for school, for kids, etc., don’t worry anymore. Find below 10 tips on choosing a healthy snack. 

    It is noteworthy that the snack must provide both carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates, on the one hand, provide energy quickly while proteins support the body longer and create a satiety effect. 

    What is more, a good snack is a great way to avoid unhealthy choices or overeating at meals. However, evening snacks are not always necessary, because to sleep, you need less energy. Moreover, it is not completely to ban if one trains or one does sport in the evening. 

    So, what could a healthy snack look like? 

    1. Cereal Bars 

    Choose cereal bars with less than 10 grams of sugar. There are more and more cereal bars that are rich in protein. The carbohydrate-protein combination will, therefore, be perfect. 

    2. Fruits 

    All fruits remain always a good choice in choosing a snack. To meet the protein-carbohydrate rule, you can accompany your fruit nuts, about 60 ml of nuts of your choice, or a piece of cheese of 50 grams. The famous Ficello, that children have always loved, is an interesting choice. 

    3. Yogurt 

    This is actually a good snack choice because it brings us carbohydrates and proteins. This is even truer with the panoply of Greek yogurts that are high in protein and often 0% fat. 

    4. Dairy Drinks 

    There are also many pretty little bottles of yogurt or fermented milk that are healthy. Many of these drinks contain numerous active bacterial strains that are good for our digestive system. They remain thus good snacks. Be careful; choose drinks that contain as little sugar as possible. 

    5. Nut and Dried Fruit Mix 

    These are great snacks because the carbohydrate-protein combination is immediately reached. There are many on the market, but nothing prevents you from making your own mix with your favorite nuts and dried fruits. Remember to choose unsalted nuts, and watch out for the portion because the number of calories is climbing fast. 

    6. Fruit Snacks 

    There are more and more fruit snacks available at the grocery store. Do not forget to accompany your compote or fruit salad with a small handful of nuts or a piece of cheese. 

    7. Raw Vegetables and Cheese 

    Vegetables are always a good choice for the whole family. They also remain a healthy snack for your kids. Remember; cutting vegetables into funny pieces can be a good incentive to entertain your children and thus encourage them to taste this snack. 

    8. Homemade Smoothies 

    They are appearing more and more at the grocery store; yet, why not take a little 5 minutes before you go to make your own smoothie in the blender? A smoothie of 125 ml (1/2 cup) raspberries, 1/2 banana, 250 ml (1 cup) of milk is actually an easy and healthy one. All you have to do is pour it in an airtight container and drink it at the morning snack. This is favorably uncomparable to commercial products. 

    9. Homemade Muffin 

    Probably, it wouldn’t be stated enough, but cooking is usually the key to eating well. It is true that it is easy to stop at the local restaurant and buy a huge muffin that we eat between 2 meetings. However, these big muffins often bring nearly 500 calories, which corresponds to 1/4 of our energy needs per day. That is, it represents a high-calorie snack. So, why not enjoy a Sunday morning to concoct a dozen muffins? They are a thousand times healthier than anything you could buy. 

    10. Cereals 

    Such a choice is a vast one. Accompanied by a glass of milk or a piece of cheese, it is once again a winning combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Remember to choose cereals with less than 10 grams of sugar; and also a cereal that contains dietary fiber. 

    As a consequence, it is not rocket science to have healthy snacks. As you may notice, it is intentionally opted, in this healthy snack list, for choices that can be easily made without being annoyed at the grocery store. Be careful about your portion sizes for snacks; and hence if you do not feel hungry, you do not have to eat at all costs. Always take into consideration the signals; they remain a basic concept in nutrition.