Are you waiting impatiently for the release of the second trailer of Avengers: Endgame? The following article is providing a fair analysis and theories of the most anticipated film of the year. The trailers show just what it takes, teasing the mood of the movie rather than spoiling, in advance, its best moments, including action, music, style, etc. We approach the culmination of this incredible film construction that is the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

    Avengers: Endgame, Between Nostalgia and Will to Fight

    This trailer is torn between two themes. A nostalgia that is even deep sadness, on the one hand; and an inflexible desire to achieve what seems impossible, on the other.

    In order to come to this conclusion of the first three phases, we return to sources with flashbacks, especially on the first armor of Iron Man; while Tony probably records another message for Pepper.

    Concerning the image, sequences are in shades of gray with a hint of red. The red is there for the color of Marvel of course; yet, this set of colors corresponds to the combinations the team wears at the end of the trailer. This is obviously not a coincidence, since we ingeniously combine flashbacks and the notion of travel in the past, with these combinations that will almost certainly cross the vortex of the quantum realm.

    Love and Loss

    The themes of love and loss are central in this movie. Tony became aware of Pepper, knowing that he nearly lost everything in the New York Battle (Avengers), as well as during the events of Iron Man 3.

    As it is suspected, the real challenge will not be for Tony to come back alive on Earth. In hindsight, it is supposed that he will even manage to get away with no outside help. Namely that of Nebula who will provide him with parts from his own body. Yet, an intervention of Pepper, in rescue mode, would remain very nice.

    Love and loss are evident when the trailer uses Peggy Carter's voice and images of her funeral. We hear what Peggy had said to Steve in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: “The world has changed and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best; and, sometimes, the best we can is to start over.”

    Tony Stark and Steve Rogers Say Goodbye

    Once again, the notion of time and travel returns. We feel that the public will have to agree to say goodbye in this film, be it Tony Stark, Steve Rogers or both.

    Notably, a retreat for Tony and a return in time, or in a parallel dimension for Steve, remain possibilities of course; especially, since it's Steve that we see stack when Peggy says: “none of us cannot go back.” This notion of turning back is also followed by a scene where Clint Barton teaches archery to a young girl. Some say it would be his daughter, Lila.

    Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

    Lila is about 7 or 8-year-old in Avengers: the era of Ultron in 2015, knowing that time passes in the MCU at about the same rate as in reality. It would be surprising to know that this girl would have 10 or 11-year-old in 2018. Perhaps, it is Kate Bishop, especially since there is a rumor around a series about her apprenticeship with Clint, a series for the platform Disney.

    It can also be emphasized that Katherine Langford does not play this role. She would appear in a vision of Tony's future that would discover in her the girl he would potentially have with Pepper, 20 years later.

    Start All Over Again for Hawkeye and Thor

    The tears of sadness are in the rain that bathes the scene of Natasha, who finds Clint after he has, obviously, lost his family and he went to exercise his killing skills in Japan. Even Ronin needs a friendly hand.

    “Sometimes the best thing you can do is starting all over again,” the following sentence might still resonate when Asgard appears in its former splendor. Thus, we can eventually see the sign that Thor will found a new Asgard on Earth. Then, the trailer drives us one last time under the water with the remainder of the missing and the inability of some, including Steve and Natasha.

    Hair and the Passage of Time

    Natasha's hair, which has grown enough to show its natural color, is there indeed to emphasize the passage of time. In this case, knowing that Caucasian hair grows at least one centimeter a month, more than twelve months, and probably at least 18, have passed between the snap of a finger and this image. Also, the image of the Banner does not tell us much.

    Hulk and Thanos: Great Absentees

    It must be said that the two great absentees of this trailer are obviously Hulk and Thanos; because their scenes reveal too much about moments of the film that the directors want to keep silent.

    As you may already know, it is convincing that we will see in this Avengers 4 a version of Professor Hulk which corresponds to a situation of balance and harmony between the intelligence of Banner and the primal power of Hulk.

    Scott Lang Discovers the Effects of the Snap

    Always on the theme of the time passage, Scott Lang discovers the consequences of the snap of a finger, while he just came out of the quantum realm through one of the time vortices against which Janet Van Dyne had warned.

    Scott may be in the neighborhood of his ex-wife's house where he hoped to find his daughter Cassie. Unfortunately, he is not in front of the same house, since Cassie lives at 840 while he is in front of 1064.

    Again, the vegetation suggests that several weeks at least have elapsed, but not 18 months before, which places the scene at the time of blond hair of Natasha.

    One also has the impression that Scott drags a suitcase which could correspond to miniaturized van and tunnel quantum.

    Tokio Hotel

    There is nothing special to say about the aircraft approaching the bridge of Tokyo Bay. We understand that it is just travel related to Clint aka Hawkeye aka Ronin. What is certain is that Natasha's voice echoes that of Steve. She shares her anger and needs to act when she points out that the least chance must be seized (if only honor of those who have left). Her friendship with Clint is beautifully highlighted, showing the support and mutual comfort they can bring.

    Ronin in a Mission!

    Ronin's intense images that narrowly escape an explosion in confined corridors, feet in the water, suggest a mission in a kind of ship or other bases. We can certainly make the link with the images of the Superbowl spot.

    Moreover, we find the double quiver when Clint short back, but not when seen from the front. This implies either a false impression of continuity of the scene for the needs of the trailer or a false connection.

    Besides, it is impossible to guess where Clint might be. However, why not he is in a vessel of Thanos's troops on land; such as troop transports that we saw during the Wakanda battle.

    Rocket and War Machine at the Heart of the Battle: But Which One?

    Rocket Raccoon appears in his blue and red outfit straight out of the comics, on a War Machine with a massive armor that suggests a massive cannon in the back. It is impossible to situate the scene, although it is possible that it corresponds to several of the following ones.

    It's hard though to know whether Steve really talks to Clint when he says “we will.” As if he were completing Natasha's last sentence telling the audience that they will try to seize any chance.

    The brief plan of Scott in combination seems to place him in the base of the Avengers. It may also be a few seconds apart with the plan that found him alongside War Machine in the Superbowl spot.

    Thor, on the other hand, will demonstrate again the power of Stormbreaker as to Nebula's charge in the middle of the rubble. It is hard to imagine that she could have another target than Thanos himself.

    The battle of the “spoiler”

    This is exactly what leads the theory of a Thanos’ attack on the Avengers' headquarters. We see the beginning of this assault when War Machine and Ant-Man are getting ready; in addition to the damage caused by the power of the participants in the ruins that surround Nebula.

    This hypothesis is based in particular on the escape of a set Lego staging such an attack, while Thanos is accompanied by outriders (the creatures in large numbers in Avengers: Infinity War).

     This idea is further reinforced by the Ant-Man sequence which is pushed through the air, with the help of a pencil and passing by a jack. Moreover, typical supplies of a place of life and human work that fits perfectly with the idea of HQ.

    This is also where Steve would tighten the strap of his shield, ready to fight, whether with the Titan himself or a particularly tough outrider.

    Mission Without Return for the Original Avengers

    When the phrase "whatever it takes" is uttered by Steve, Clint, Natasha and Tony, we have the impression of a kind of pact that passed between these first Avengers. A pact that commits them to make every effort to reverse the snap of a finger, whatever the cost, including their own lives. 

    Then comes the famous scene of the revelation of quantum travel combinations. Steve, Tony, Natasha, Nebula, Scott, Clint and James are found in the running order. Obviously, Rhodey wears suitable armor. It must be said that he needs the exoskeleton to walk, while Tony's armor is composed of nanoparticles.

    The Role of Quantum Travel in Endgame

    Concerning the use of the Quantum Kingdom in the film, there is, of course, the time travel that would recover the stones or possibly to make some kinds of copies; so as not to alter a lot the space-time continuum. However, one could also imagine that the plan would be to attract Thanos in this inter-dimensional space because the stones of infinity might not work properly. It is supposed that Captain Marvel will be the only one who does not need such a combination to travel in the quantum realm.

    Finally, we have a small relaxing scene, when Thor welcomes Carol Danvers in his own way. It’s noteworthy, if you have not watched Captain Marvel yet, it might be good to stop here.

    Thor Welcomes Captain Marvel

    Thor can call Stormbreaker as he did with Mjolnir. Above all, we find Carol at a period not far from the snap, since the hair of Black Widow is still completely blond.

    This scene comes very shortly after the post-credit scene of Captain Marvel who sees it land in the base of the Avengers to respond to the distress message of Fury.

    New Avengers Poster: Endgame

    Finally, a word on the new poster. It is obviously classic but remains beautiful. One may guess the frontal opposition between Thanos and Tony as well as the place of Steve, the team leader, and unifier. 

    Indeed, if the names of the actors of the characters who have undergone the “snap” are not mentioned there, it is not because they will not be in the film, but precisely to spare a little surprise effect.