Amzon Drunk Shoppers Spend More then 48 billions Dollars Every Year In Amazon Store in The United States

    “The net giants pocket billions of dollars every year thanks to drunken costumers,” according to a study conducted in the United States.

    There is a French slogan of an old advertisement in the 90s which says: ‘Tu t'es vu quand t'as bu?’ meaning ‘did you see yourself when you drank?’. This old slogan seems actually to remain a current fact yet.

    Drunken costumers are paying billions of dollars each year to net giants. Inebriated consumers pay a staggering amount of money falls to $ 48 billion per year, asserts a study published by The Hustle. Note, Amazon and, also, eBay are making the greatest profits.

    Based on a survey conducted with 2000 people, 79% of respondents admit that they have already made at least one online purchase after drinking several glasses of alcohol. These consumers would spend on average 444 dollars a year when they are intoxicated.

    This category of consumers is called the ‘drunk-shoppers’. They buy in priority clothes and shoes. The phenomenon primarily affects young people and employees of fashion, medicine, writing, and sport.

    A consumer even admits buying two tickets to see Justin Timberlake because he had watched, the day before, the final of the Super Bowl in which the singer was on stage. Another bought sacks of potatoes; others ordered a trilogy of satanic books, or a life-size cardboard statue of North Korean President, Kim Jong-Un.

    It must be admitted that the application of Amazon or its Amazon Prime service allows purchasing with one click. So, the next time you are drunk, remember to keep yourself away from the keyboard.

    drunk shppers spend over 48 Billion Dollars Every Year in shopping at amazon store