3 Ways to Have an Awesome Vacation

    How to Have an Awesome Vacation

    3 Ways to Have an Awesome Vacation

    Vacations should be stress-free treats. This article is a theme park based article, but use it as a guide to fit your vacation, if you would like. So stress no more, just read on!!!

    > Method 1 of 3: Before you go

    Make sure to clean up your room. It's nice to come home to a welcoming room and bed. You won't regret this later. Change your sheets, dust the room, clean the mirrors(If you have them), and so on.

    Make sure you have your park tickets! NOTHING is worse than getting to the theme park and realize you forgot your tickets.

    Make sure you hired someone to take care of your house if you are leaving unattended. You may need someone to clean the house, take care of the pets, water the plants, etc.

    If you plan to stay at a hotel, make sure reservations are made.

    - If you are traveling by car, make sure the car is clean. Find places to neatly store your occupation activities and bags.

    > Method 2 of 3: Packing

    Pack clothes, one new pair for each day, and one extra. Lay out your clothes for each day, along with the accessories that go with it. Fold them all neatly so they don't wrinkle and conceal your accessories in a separate area in your bag. Don't be stupid and bring clothes that aren't appropriate for that season. Don't bring shorty\s for winter weather!!! 

    -If applicable, bring two bathing suits. They come in handy. 
    -Bring all the toiletries you need.

    Bring comforts, like your pillow and blanket, and other comfort items.

    -Bring stuff for the car! Long car trips are boring sometimes. And it sucks if you have nothing to do!

    > Method 3 of 3: During the Vacation

    At the hotel, choose a bed and set up. Put your pillow on your bed and fluff it up so it's comfortable. Then, put your blanket on the bed. Make sure everything works. Hot water, electronics, such as the hairdryer, electrical outlets, and the TV, work. Do this before you unpack, because if you need to switch rooms, then you haven't unpacked. If you found nothing wrong, unpack. If you need to switch rooms, go to your new room and re-do this step, please. Make yourself at home. It's YOUR hotel room.

    For the theme park, bring a camera, comfortable food, snacks, souvenir money, and anything else you need. Get on everything you want, and wait in long lines if the ride is actually worth it, and you want to get on it. If lines are long, either get on the worthwhile rides first thing n the morning or right before the park closes.




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